Max Drill Machinery (MDM), founded in 1990, started its business building conventional milling machines. Soon later MDM expanded its territory into CNC machine tool industry. Now MDM provides a wide range of products to satisfy customers’ needs for various applications, from vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, to turning centers. 

In the past decades, MDM has been continuously investing in technology development, as well as market research, to offers reliable machines that best meet customer’s requirement. We have earned customers’ confidence through evidential sales performance achieved over years. We aim to provide not only a machine, but also a total solution.

History of Company:
2012   Introduced VMC, model PV-1100, HMC serious model, MVH-800 and MVH-1000, CNC turning centers, RT-280P/ PL.
2011 Introduced CNC turning centers, RT-720 and MT-970.
2010   Introduced Boxway VMC, model BMV900, BMV1100, BMV1300, BMV1500B, MV1600and BMV2000, to complete the heavy cutting filed.
  Introduced VMC serious model, XV650, XV850, and XV1050.
2009   Introduced Horizontal Machine Center MH-1016 /MH-1225. Introduced Boxway VMC, model BMV2400, BMV3000, into the heavy cutting market.
2008   Established CNC turning center division. Introduced slant bed CNC turning centers, RT-280, BT300, MT-300
2007 Introduced VMC serious model, NPV-1000, NPV-1200, and NPV-1400, into the high speed machining territory.
2006   Introduced MH-500 into the CNC horizontal machining market.
2005   Renamed company as MaxDrill Machinery (MDM).
2004   Introduced VMC serious model,MV-1200 and MV-1400. Succeeded in the market of alloy rim.
2003   Accomplished a sales channel in Malaysia for Southeast Asia market.
2002   Started the partnership with an European machine group for CNC VMC development and production.
  Introduced VMC serious model, MV-1800, and MV-2000, into the market.
2000 Entered the CNC territory by launching the first vertical CNC machining center, EV-10.
1991 Started the OEM/ODM partnership with American machinery companies.
1990 Founded by Mr. Ken Chen, started manufacturing conventional milling, drilling, and grinding machines.