One-piece structure design. (45°) High rigidity, consistent performance under heavy loading.
Rigid linear guideways. Rapid feed reaches 30 M/min. Great efficiency with accuracy.
Flexible chip conveyor arrangement.
  Chip conveyor may load from either left or right side, loading from back side is also available upon request.
Power Turret or Servo Turret is also available as optional items.
Rigid Spindle Design
Fin type headstock.
Excellent heat dispersion.
Minimum thermal deformation.
Angular ball type bearings.
High precision bearings in
wide-span design.
High-speed Servo Turret
Indexing System (Opt.)
Heavy Duty
Equipped roller
type linear
guideway, rapid
travel on X/Z axes.
High speed,
High accuracy,
High efficiency.
Powerful Tailstock
Tailstock with MT4 live center
ruggedly constructed for maximum
Movement controlled by saddle,
improving the efficiency.
Hydraulic system equipped to
support long workpiece.
The hydraulic system secures the turning accuracy.
Tool-to Tool rotating time 0.3
Total Indexing time (180°) 0.9
Reliable under heavy cutting.