Optional Items  
IDD Spindle Built-In Spindle   Gear-driven Spindle
Motor directly drives spindle.
High efficiency, Low vibration,
Prompt response.
High efficiency,
Low vibration and noise.
Ideal solution for high speed machining.
Better torque for
heavy duty cutting.
Coolant Through Spindle   Coolant Around Spindle   Auto Tool Changer
Delivers coolant directly to the cutting edge through the spindle and out from tool tip. Suitable for deep machining.
A quick and simple solution to reduce
the heat on tool and workpiece,
and to improve the work quality.
Various types of ATC to choose as to meet the customer’s needs.
Optical Linear Scale   Auto Tool Setter   Touch Probe for Machine Tools
Detect the position during the
movement, and compensate the difference to avoid error.
Fast, precise, and automatic tool setting.
A great solution to compensate the
tool worn-out.
A perfect solution to monitor the precision.
Oil Skimmer